• Image of Qi (2013) + Sefiroth (2006)

Qi Ruudt Peters / Voetnoot 2013

Continuing a long search for various forms of alchemy, Peters found himself in China for three months, exploring the inner alchemy (Qi) of Eastern culture. The resulting exhibition is comprised of blind drawings on stone, either made into wearable pendants and brooches and layered with further drawings constructed of silver or as large stone decorative tablets. It also features porcelain figures, like the clay army of Emperor Jing Di cast from acupuncture model, abstracted with additions of materials such as glass and hair among others, based on his diary of experiences as a Westerner in a complex, foreign land. This book with text by Fredric Baas of the Stedelijk Museum ’s-Hertogenbosch will accompany the exhibition.

14,8 x 21 cm soft cover
Text: Fredric Baas MFA Amsterdam, NL
Photo: Rob Versluys, Amsterdam, NL
Graphic design: Barends & Pijnappel, Antwerp, BE
20 euro

Sefiroth by Ruudt Peters / Marzee 2006

The Sefiroth series has a dual personality. It is noted that the sefiroth tree is the tree of life, and Kabbalah's heart. Peters puts the intuitional, emotional, artistic and personal gesture against the structure, destroying the coherence of the tree of life.

14 x 20 cm soft cover
Text: Jorunn Veiteberg, Copenhagen, DK
Photo: Rob Versluys, Amsterdam, NL
Graphic design: Barends & Pijnappel Antwerp BE
25 euro